Sep. 17th, 2013


Sep. 17th, 2013 11:59 pm
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Rare public entry:

I think I've only done this twice in ten years or so, but this evening I did a bit of a friends cut on LJ. I tried to look at it logically. I realize that LJ is simply not the place people use for a forum any more, and I accept that. People would rather use Facebook or Twitter. I'm just too stubborn to leave LJ, for whatever reasons. Maybe it's nostalgia. Regarding the friends edit, the criteria for the cuts were:

  • a journal that had not been used or been dormant for a couple of years

  • communities that had not been used or been dormant for a couple of years

  • no common interests or interactions

  • journals that had been abandoned for new user names

It was nothing personal. If I've removed you in error or you want back on my friends list, just let me know.

I realize that I'm not the most exciting person in the world right now. I'm sort of a stress-riddled mess at the moment, who visits LJ with good intentions to update and winds up backing out at the last minute or deleting entries because I think people aren't interested in listening to me bitch and moan.I get awfully self-conscious about it. Posting about good days? No problem. Posting about bad days (when it would probably do me good and be cheap therapy)? Problem. It's my own little personal obstacle course, LOL. Some days are better than others. With that said, if anyone feels the need to remove me from their friends list, that's okay. I understand.

I have a couple of friends who make the effort to post little vignettes of their life every day or every week, whether they have good days or bad. I admire them. They are awesome. <3

Hugs, friends list. Big hugs.


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