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Tomorrow is supposed to be my REST day from the fitness challenge, but I'm changing it up a bit due to a slight accident at work this morning. The idea of laying on the floor for the roll-ups and locust poses right now makes me cringe. So I'm going to flip my rest day to today and get back to it tomorrow morning. Let's trick this up with a different template today.

THE STATE OF ME: It's been a week, people. I'm worn out just thinking about it. My arm hurts like a son of a bitch (see WORK below).

WORK:  This would be one of those weeks where I'm glad I work only four 10-hour shifts. Because if I had to work a fifth day, I'd go play in traffic. Behold: Monday, I did nothing but clean up after the messes the last baker left, plus he didn't pull any product (which can throw a serious wrench into the works). To top it off, I dealt with the lake o' milk (as mentioned in the last post) to clean up due to incompetent associates. Tuesday, there was a ton of stuff to pull off the truck for catering, the freight truck showed up an hour early, and halfway through my shift I learned I would only have a day baker for three hours, which prompted having to do some of the day baker's duties as well. Wednesday, more catering and yet another day with a three hour day baker shift (soooo more work). And today... on one hand, there was no product to pull for catering and I'd have a day baker all day... on the other hand, I dealt with failure from the second deck on the deck oven (which we use for baguettes), and I wound up burning the back of my right arm (above the elbow) on the rack oven door. Sigh. Poke a fork in me, I'm done. It's been like a week full of Mondays.

FAMILY: Mom is having issues with a low white blood cell count, plus she's been diagnosed with nerve damage in one of her arms due to that spell she had with shingles over a year ago. She finally went and got help for the residual pain, tingling, and numbness. She's not happy but they're going to put her on medication for it. We still don't know why her white blood cell count is low, test results are still pending. Scott's back is a mess, as usual. Tasha's doing fine, as far as I know. I haven't seen her since Ellyce was visiting, and I haven't talked to her in over a week.

ON THE NIGHTSTAND: I haven't read a damn thing in two weeks. I'm teetering on the edge of finishing Ex-Heroes by Peter Cline, so I should just get to it, I suppose.

ON THE SMALL SCREEN: I am watching "The Strain" (pretty decent), "Face Off" (super talented people on this cycle), and "Ink Master" (my tattoo trainwreck, I can't look away, sorry) right now. The new Walking Dead, "Fear the Walking Dead" (which should get an award for worst TV show title ever) spin-off starts Sunday. I'll probably give it a try, but I harbor a fair amount of skepticism. I just finished AMC's "Humans" and it was awesome. I really dug it, and now I'd love to hunt down the original, which I think is Norwegian or Swedish or Danish or one of those Nordic countries, I don't know, man.

MOVIES SEEN IN THE LAST WEEK: Movies? What are those? :::goes to Netflix account:::  Well, according to Netflix, my last three films watched were "Sorority Row" (typical slasher, amused by Carrie Fisher playing the sorority house mom), "Starry Eyes" (actress makes a deal with the devil, literally), and "The American Scream" (documentary about people who go all out to decorate their houses for Halloween). All horror themed. Hey, when the shit's hitting the fan in real life, I reach for the comfort of horror films. At least I know the people on screen are having worse days than I am, right?

IN THE KITCHEN: Still trying to eat cleaner and make healthier choices, but I can't say I was religious about it this week. I just didn't have it in me to be annoyed, exhausted, and hungry. So I just focused on portion control and shoving a fruit and vegetable into each meal.

ON THE HOOK: I have an idea in my head for a frilly little shawl. I'm using fingering weight yarn and a tiny hook and just making lots of pretty little flower doilies. I have a fair idea of how I want to join them, but I'm not using a pattern. I'm going totally off the top of my head, so we'll see how that works out.
IN MY MAILBOX: A whole bunch of nothing, unless bills count. And I would much rather have them NOT count.

IN MY CART: Some tell me I don't need to buy SW Vans. Because I really want the Imperial ones. Otherwise, my last purchases were burn gel, bandages, water/moist burn pads, and cat food. WOO.

ON THE CALENDAR: I'm escaping to Vancouver, BC tomorrow. Trust me, I need to get out of town after this week, even if it's only for about 24 hours. I'm actually going to see David Duchovny play a gig at some little place in Gastown, but I'd be lying if I said the major focus of this little trip is just getting the hell out of Dodge and spending a little time with friends. And I need a drink. Possibly several.
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