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Okay, here goes nothing. I'll cross them off as I tackle them (and probably cross-post to Twitter when I've knocked one off the list). I really think this is going to be good for me, and I need something like this right now. Anyone else feel like getting on board? :)


1. Make a cup of tea and just breathe

2. Send a nice anonymous message to a friend

3. Draw a picture for a friend

4. Start a new hobby

5. Bake something

6. Light an aromatherapy candle or incense when you're exceptionally stressed. Still your mind, breathe.

7. Take a nap

8. Think about what makes you smile when you're feeling stressed or worried

9. Look at yourself in the mirror and compliment yourself

10. Drink coffee -- alone or with a friend

11. Write a haiku

12. Realize everything will be okay

13. Tell someone they look nice today

14. Tell someone you how proud you are of them

15. Put a picture of a smiley face on someone's computer screen or work desk

16. Pay for someone behind you at a drive-thru

17. Make it a point to bring a gift to a doctor, nurse, or someone else in the medical profession.

18. Send a random e-card to a friend for absolutely no reason at all only that you're thinking of them

19. Put on your pjs, pop popcorn, turn out the lights, and watch one of your favorite movies.

20. Find the beauty and grace in the holiday season

21. Take a needy child's request off an Angel Giving Tree and fulfill their fondest holiday wish this year

22. Do something nice for someone who has been supportive and helpful to you

23. On a cold day, buy a hot chocolate or coffee to a Salvation Army bell ringer

24. Bring in treats for co-workers to share

25. Snuggle in bed for 15 minutes every day and read


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