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2) What are you most grateful for?

Right now, I'm most grateful for stability, especially in the tumultuous times we live in. I have a roof over my head that's paid off. I have a full time job, even if it vexes me. I manage to pay all my bills and still have a little to save at month's end for little pleasures like vacations or special outings. While the occasional drama comes up, I have a supportive family and two adorable furbabies. I have absolutely FANTASTIC friends, some of which I cannot imagine my life without (and they know who they are). Lastly, I'm grateful for meditation. Whether my sessions are ten minutes or forty-five minutes, it gives me the pause I need to sit and just concentrate on the most basic and simple things, like breathing and being present in only that moment. Only breath, only quiet, only that moment.
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DAY 12: A screenshot of your desktop.

Well, I don't turn my computer on as often as I used to, since the phone can take care of most of my online/e-mail needs. So here's a screenshot of my phone's home screen instead.

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I'm going to make this post open to Twitter just to cover bases. I know a lot of people don't frequent LJ much any more.

It was my hope to attend JadeCon's 20th anniversary in Columbus, Ohio in June this year. Due to a rash of complications (schedule and finances), I regretfully have come to the conclusion I cannot go. Most of my remaining vacation time for 2016 (save for the two days I was going to use for JadeCon) is spoken for, and the lowest flight price I've seen for the dates that I can travel (the dates in question are not flexible, which probably doesn't help) is over $650 roundtrip. Most airlines are charging more than that. Hell, I saw one round trip ticket yesterday that topped out at $1009. When I was told to brace myself for crazy ticket prices, I was thinking $450 to $500, maybe. Not an average of over $800 on most airlines. The mind boggles.

With Texas Frightmare looming (thankfully, most of that trip is paid for, save for airport parking and spending cash) in a little over a month, and two furbabies with scheduled dental cleaning appointments (total: $700-$800) to budget for... well, you get the picture.

I'm sorry, Jaders. To those of you who stepped up with possible options and ideas to get me there, I appreciate it... but the inflexible travel dates were the final nail in the coffin, I'm afraid. :(


Feb. 29th, 2016 02:56 am
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This is what happens when Laika wins an Oscar. Even a technical one. I get slammed with 40 additional ciabatta, an obscene amount of souffles,Ā  and 9 dozen artisan pastries. I am running out of racks, people!

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Been waiting all day for the Friday Five questions to drop. With one hour PST to go, I'm thinking it's not happening. Sigh. Yet another problem that plagued the old FF as well.

In other news, I need a cookie.


Feb. 21st, 2016 08:06 pm
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This is the little baby blanket in progress. Trying to think of a cool edge to put on it. šŸ˜„

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I made the conscious decision to enter "The Force Awakens" spoiler cave two hours before the Los Angeles premiere last night. No Facebook, no Twitter, no Tumblr. And now I've cut out Instagram (which I thought might be safe, until I realized I follow John Boyega and Daisy Ridley there) after some jackwagon just posted the following comment on one of their photo posts: "I am seeing the movie on Thursday evening and I plan to spoil everything online or in person." Great. There's always got to be a few rotten apples in the barrel. Classy, dude. CLASSY. I don't even want to know if this guy is joking or not, but I'm not taking a chance. You're the reason why I'm in the spoiler cave, idiot.

My logic is this is a new beginning for the "Star Wars" franchise, more so than the prequels. Characters from the original trilogy are returning. The franchise is in the hands of Disney and J.J. Abrams now. Lawrence Kasdan has returned as screenwriter, and I am ridiculously hopeful the film will be good. In 1977, I saw "A New Hope" on opening weekend without a clue as to what I was going to see. No story details, with relative unknowns cast in the lead roles. I want to experience the same sort of magic with "The Force Awakens". I know character names, I've seen a handful of the trailers, and that's about it. I've managed to avoid the interviews and press tour hype. I'd like to keep it that way, until my showing on Thursday night at 11:50 p.m. A part of me really wants to be that little girl from 1977 again when I see the new film, the little girl who fell head-over-heels in love with "Star Wars" as soon as that Imperial Star Destroyer roared over her head in pursuit of a Rebel Blockade Runner (not kidding, I was entranced IMMEDIATELY), the little girl who spent that summer having lightsaber battles in the front yard with broomstick handles, the little girl who wound up collecting cans, saving allowance, and doing extra chores for movie money so she could go back to that galaxy far, far away over and over and OVER again.

Star Wars is in my blood. I can't explain it any other way. Not only have I been blessed by having the films in my life, but it has led me to some of the most remarkable friendships and experiences in my life. A group of smart, kind, and fantastic human beings who all love Star Wars as much as I do. We've worked at various conventions and Celebrations. We were invited on a mind-blowing trip to Skywalker Ranch. Understanding, lovely people who supported me through my mother's breast cancer diagnosis, my father's passing, and my cheerleading squad as I entered culinary school to become a pastry chef. I cannot imagine my life without Star Wars, and likewise, I cannot imagine my life without them... and without those remarkable movies, I would not have met ANY of them. It was fate. I love them as much as I love the movies we all adore.

Thursday night will be an emotional celebration for me, and I honestly can't wait. I'm going with a dear friend and we'll plunge into the new film together (and probably share a box of Kleenex in the process). And in January, I'm planning another viewing with more of those smart, kind, and fantastic friends at Walt Disney World. It doesn't get much better than that, honestly.

Okay, I'm going to end this entry now before I start blubbering like a sentimental fool, because I'm getting REALLY close to doing so.
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I'm wicked tired tonight, so I went with a horror short (29 mins). Also I'm making this LJ entry on my phone, so if the formatting is off, well -- there you go.

I think Splatter was an early Netflix series of some sort that really never took off. As far as I know, there's only one ep.

Rock star Jonny Splatter plans revenge on those who wronged him... from beyond the grave. Not bad, but not necessarily good either. I think I'm too tired to care.

YEAR: 2009?2014? (unclear )
STARRING: Corey Feldman, Tony Todd, Mark Alan
SEEN: Netflix Streaming
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Happiness is finding out that your cafe took a two-day, $25,000 (yes, you read that right -- not $2,500 but $25,000) catering order for the Google campus... and it's your days off.

Bullet dodged. I'm so grateful I could cry. Not kidding. We probably haven't had a catering order that big since the President was in town a few years ago.
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Tomorrow is supposed to be my REST day from the fitness challenge, but I'm changing it up a bit due to a slight accident at work this morning. The idea of laying on the floor for the roll-ups and locust poses right now makes me cringe. So I'm going to flip my rest day to today and get back to it tomorrow morning. Let's trick this up with a different template today.

THE STATE OF ME: It's been a week, people. I'm worn out just thinking about it. My arm hurts like a son of a bitch (see WORK below).

WORK:  This would be one of those weeks where I'm glad I work only four 10-hour shifts. Because if I had to work a fifth day, I'd go play in traffic. Behold: Monday, I did nothing but clean up after the messes the last baker left, plus he didn't pull any product (which can throw a serious wrench into the works). To top it off, I dealt with the lake o' milk (as mentioned in the last post) to clean up due to incompetent associates. Tuesday, there was a ton of stuff to pull off the truck for catering, the freight truck showed up an hour early, and halfway through my shift I learned I would only have a day baker for three hours, which prompted having to do some of the day baker's duties as well. Wednesday, more catering and yet another day with a three hour day baker shift (soooo more work). And today... on one hand, there was no product to pull for catering and I'd have a day baker all day... on the other hand, I dealt with failure from the second deck on the deck oven (which we use for baguettes), and I wound up burning the back of my right arm (above the elbow) on the rack oven door. Sigh. Poke a fork in me, I'm done. It's been like a week full of Mondays.

FAMILY: Mom is having issues with a low white blood cell count, plus she's been diagnosed with nerve damage in one of her arms due to that spell she had with shingles over a year ago. She finally went and got help for the residual pain, tingling, and numbness. She's not happy but they're going to put her on medication for it. We still don't know why her white blood cell count is low, test results are still pending. Scott's back is a mess, as usual. Tasha's doing fine, as far as I know. I haven't seen her since Ellyce was visiting, and I haven't talked to her in over a week.

ON THE NIGHTSTAND: I haven't read a damn thing in two weeks. I'm teetering on the edge of finishing Ex-Heroes by Peter Cline, so I should just get to it, I suppose.

ON THE SMALL SCREEN: I am watching "The Strain" (pretty decent), "Face Off" (super talented people on this cycle), and "Ink Master" (my tattoo trainwreck, I can't look away, sorry) right now. The new Walking Dead, "Fear the Walking Dead" (which should get an award for worst TV show title ever) spin-off starts Sunday. I'll probably give it a try, but I harbor a fair amount of skepticism. I just finished AMC's "Humans" and it was awesome. I really dug it, and now I'd love to hunt down the original, which I think is Norwegian or Swedish or Danish or one of those Nordic countries, I don't know, man.

MOVIES SEEN IN THE LAST WEEK: Movies? What are those? :::goes to Netflix account:::  Well, according to Netflix, my last three films watched were "Sorority Row" (typical slasher, amused by Carrie Fisher playing the sorority house mom), "Starry Eyes" (actress makes a deal with the devil, literally), and "The American Scream" (documentary about people who go all out to decorate their houses for Halloween). All horror themed. Hey, when the shit's hitting the fan in real life, I reach for the comfort of horror films. At least I know the people on screen are having worse days than I am, right?

IN THE KITCHEN: Still trying to eat cleaner and make healthier choices, but I can't say I was religious about it this week. I just didn't have it in me to be annoyed, exhausted, and hungry. So I just focused on portion control and shoving a fruit and vegetable into each meal.

ON THE HOOK: I have an idea in my head for a frilly little shawl. I'm using fingering weight yarn and a tiny hook and just making lots of pretty little flower doilies. I have a fair idea of how I want to join them, but I'm not using a pattern. I'm going totally off the top of my head, so we'll see how that works out.
IN MY MAILBOX: A whole bunch of nothing, unless bills count. And I would much rather have them NOT count.

IN MY CART: Some tell me I don't need to buy SW Vans. Because I really want the Imperial ones. Otherwise, my last purchases were burn gel, bandages, water/moist burn pads, and cat food. WOO.

ON THE CALENDAR: I'm escaping to Vancouver, BC tomorrow. Trust me, I need to get out of town after this week, even if it's only for about 24 hours. I'm actually going to see David Duchovny play a gig at some little place in Gastown, but I'd be lying if I said the major focus of this little trip is just getting the hell out of Dodge and spending a little time with friends. And I need a drink. Possibly several.

Wait, what?

Jul. 6th, 2015 05:21 am
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My bake today was a minisculeĀ  $1600. I'm done with 95% of my bake. Hell, I was done with the lion's share of my bake at 4 a.m. I'm only sticking around until 6 a.m. to bake off some souffles for opening. Then I'm looking forward to going home early and watching EliĀ  Roth host "Shark After Dark" on demand over breakfast... and falling into bed before 9 will be awesome!

Tiny bakes are an embarrassment of personal riches. Tiny bakes rock my socks off. Hurray!

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I actually took my shiny expensive camera on vacation and couldn't seem to find the motivation to use it. I was THAT tired. I did manage to take a few cell phone pictures, mostly of glorious meals -- and even then, usually my mother was prompting me. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have taken any pictures at all.

It was a very nice, albeit unorthodox Disney trip. We had reservations at the lovely Grand Californian Hotel and Spa. We had park passes only to get to restaurants within the DLR parks, for the most part -- and in one case, we ditched reservations because the weather was wet and miserable and the hot tub was beckoning more loudly than the planned meal. The Ritual for Hands and Feet at the Mandara Spa was fantastic. It was just good to get away, unplug, and rest. Of course, with rest comes reflection. I think I needed that, too. A little healthy perspective as I face down what is certain to be a frantic and crazed holiday season.

Carnation Cafe
The completely deserted Carnation Cafe, 7 a.m. The only reason we took advantage of early admission to Disneyland, breakfast before the onslaught of park goers. Had a lovely discussion with the chef, who came tableside for a chat. That was unexpected...

GCH front doors
You have to wait forever for this shot. These are the stained glass sliding doors that open into the Grand Californian lobby. They're constantly open with the influx of people entering and exiting the hotel, but they are gloriously beautiful and so worth the wait.

The highlight meal of the trip was the Napa Rose within the Grand Californian. I opted for the four course Vintner's Menu with wine flight. Mom went with the grilled tenderloin with hazelnut scented fingerling potatoes. I was not terribly with it when dinner started. I do not have a picture of my first course, which was Skuna Bay Salmon in a leek broth with brunoise of celeriac and turnip. Not a fan of salmon, but this was fabulous. Silky and beautifully seasoned with a crispy sear of black cracked pepper on top.

Napa Rose - duck
Course #2: Maple Leaf duck medallions on bed of smoked lentils and chanterelle mousse, sitting on a puree of sweet potato. Accents were pickled persimmon and creme fraisch with a duck jus. Freaking fantastic. So complimentary. Sweet, earthy, succulent, creamy.

Napa Rose - lamb
Course #3: Colorado Rack of Lamb on a bed of broccolini and califlower, pumpkin puree and a Sangiovese jus. Supporting the lamb is a fattier portion of the lamb that has been slow rendered to the point where it falls apart if you look at it the wrong way. Lamb two ways - fatty and melting (the lower portion), rare and rich (the rack). Beautiful and beautifully cooked.

Napa Rose - dulce de leche cake
Course #4: Dulce de leche spice layer cake with nutmeg ice cream (on a bed of wine marinated Asian pears), salted caramel droplets, and pumpkin seed brittle accent. This was shockingly delicate and light. Stunning and delicious. My mother's dessert was a Meyer Lemon Creme Brulee tart with blueberry compote -- hers was equally light and delicious (I had a taste).

Honestly, if I could have eaten here every night, I would have been the happiest person on the planet. I would also be very, very poor.

Piano in GCH lobby
After dinner, we sat in the lobby and listened to the pianist near the fireplace for a little while and talked. After four glasses of wine (the flight was more than generous), I was more than a little drunk. I've done prix fixe menus before with wine flights that were more wine "tastings" than full wine glasses. Not at the Napa Rose. In fact, they asked if I wanted each wine topped off before the next course came. (Answer: NOOOOOO). Whoa, I think that would have made me pass out. We decided it was best to sit a little before climbing in to the hotel's hot tub/spa for the evening dip (which we took advantage of every single night).

Steakhouse 55 - eggs benedict
On our last morning, we treated ourselves to breakfast at Disney's iconic Steakhouse 55. I'm a sucker for a good Eggs Benedict, and this one was awesome. Fabulous coffee, to boot. :)

Oh, and on our brief travels (two hours???) in Disneyland, we ran into this guy:

Iron Man at DLR

Long story short, I didn't really miss the rides. I did manage a ride on Star Tours (my adventure went to Hoth and Naboo). I got possibly the cutest Star Wars shirt ever (women's football jersey style, low cut). But for the most part, it was nice to take advantage of other things that Disney has to offer (on a more adult level). We took a very early morning stroll through California Adventure (perk of GCH guests) and saw that Andrew Sutton (executive chef of the Napa Rose) has another four star restaurant in the park: the Cathay Circle. Took a tour of that restaurant and my mom just about fell over. Stunning place, stunning menu. In fact, my mother was so taken with the whole GCH experience that she is saving for another trip back -- only this time she wants to go in early December when the hotel is tricked out for Christmas. It might not be for another two years or so, but I'm down with that.

Now I'm just mentally preparing myself to head back to work in a few days. It's going to be nuts again, and I'm hoping that my relaxation isn't obliterated in the first few days back. We shall see.


Sep. 17th, 2013 11:59 pm
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Rare public entry:

I think I've only done this twice in ten years or so, but this evening I did a bit of a friends cut on LJ. I tried to look at it logically. I realize that LJ is simply not the place people use for a forum any more, and I accept that. People would rather use Facebook or Twitter. I'm just too stubborn to leave LJ, for whatever reasons. Maybe it's nostalgia. Regarding the friends edit, the criteria for the cuts were:

  • a journal that had not been used or been dormant for a couple of years

  • communities that had not been used or been dormant for a couple of years

  • no common interests or interactions

  • journals that had been abandoned for new user names

It was nothing personal. If I've removed you in error or you want back on my friends list, just let me know.

I realize that I'm not the most exciting person in the world right now. I'm sort of a stress-riddled mess at the moment, who visits LJ with good intentions to update and winds up backing out at the last minute or deleting entries because I think people aren't interested in listening to me bitch and moan.I get awfully self-conscious about it. Posting about good days? No problem. Posting about bad days (when it would probably do me good and be cheap therapy)? Problem. It's my own little personal obstacle course, LOL. Some days are better than others. With that said, if anyone feels the need to remove me from their friends list, that's okay. I understand.

I have a couple of friends who make the effort to post little vignettes of their life every day or every week, whether they have good days or bad. I admire them. They are awesome. <3

Hugs, friends list. Big hugs.
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It's my day off, so here -- have the street I live on. It's a short little street, only about eight houses in all.

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Sorry, a little behind again. The 3G on my phone has been throwing a tantrum the last couple of days.

The silk rose wreath that hangs on my fireplace, complete with little skeleton kitty sitting pretty in the middle of it.
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Blurred and a bit odd, but I really kind of like this shot. My brother and sister furbabies with their glowing lightsaber eyes. If color is any indication of Jedi powers, Thor is Qui-Gon Jinn and Cosette is Obi-Wan Kenobi. 
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I have had two margaritas and a very nice visit with [ profile] prime_meridian. This is about as "from above" as I'm going to get. It was either raise the cell phone camera over my head or take a picture of the floor from my vantage point on the couch. This option seemed more... entertaining.

Now, if you'll excuse me... I'm on call until 4 a.m. tonight. I hope there's not a serious emergency tonight because -- hello, two big margaritas. I don't think I can negotiate the finer points of my crochet hook and the television remote tonight, not gonna lie.
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Yay! I've finally gotten to putting the edging on my afghan!

Still lovin' the crochet. I think I'm going to alter a t-shirt neckline next. Love the t-shirt, hate the neckline -- maybe with a new crocheted neckline I'll wear it more. :)
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Didn't we do a kitchen prompt last month or something? Oh well.

This is the tiny little baker's kitchen area in the Clackamas cafe. It doesn't expand much farther than the end of this table on either side. 
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